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Lead Time & Delivery Updates

Updated 02 Feb 2022

Since March 2020, supply chain challenges have impacted furniture makers' ability to produce pieces in lockstep with rising demand.
Every Banana Home piece is made from the beginning. 

While our partners have also been impacted by material shortages this year, our close relationships with them have enabled us to deliver competitive lead times and the best-in-class standard for customer experience we hold ourselves to. We pride ourselves on transparency and strive to provide you with accurate lead time information throughout your Banana Home experience.

Global demand for furniture, has created impact on shipping networks, which may result in longer shipping times to certain areas. This holiday season promises to hit new records for volume of furniture deliveries. As such, our white glove delivery partners may have more limited availability for in-home scheduling.

We appreciate your patience and flexibility if this is the case for your order. COVID-19 persists in many areas of the country, and this risk is not factored into our lead time estimates. If an outbreak were to impact our warehouse locations, or shipping partners, this may result in delays to your lead time. Given these unknowns, we unfortunately cannot guarantee delivery times, much like all other industry partners. However, as part of our commitment to transparency, we promise to keep you informed about the status of your order and any updates to its timeline. We appreciate your patience as we make every effort to deliver your pieces as quickly as possible this season. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We are working hard to deliver each piece as quickly as possible, and always appreciate your support of Banana Home and our makers.

As we enter 2022, here are a few things to know about our lead times:

The lead time estimate on each product & order is reviewed and updated weekly with our latest knowledge of our partners’ capacity and access to raw material supply, as well as any planned holiday delays. Lead times, and delivery times should be used as an estimation only 'ETA', and are never certain or guaranteed. Shipping delays are extremely common on the current environment, and is affecting all imported goods into Australia. In rare instances, we have seen delays extend to 22 weeks on some products that have been subject to continual delay.

Our advice and tips:

- Delivery times and ETAs are estimated only, and may be subject to change
- Do not get rid of your old sofa until our courier confirms a delivery date directly with you, as delays can occur at any moment
- Keep an eye out for your inbox (and Junk folder) for our Weekly Build updates to let you know how your order is tracking
- Deposits on custom furniture cannot be refunded after 21 days. Before you purchase, please express any 'must have in my home by' dates so we can give you a realistic  expectation of when to receive it. 
- Delays and lead times are spread across every product imported to Australia at current, ordering early is recommended. We can provide free storage of your order for up to 4 months within our warehouse. 

Local Delivery and Handling Times

The recent increase in CVOID cases has significantly impacted the staffing in both our warehouses and delivery contractors. This, along with high volume of freight has increased transit times throughout most of our delivery network. Please factor the potential for an additional 5-10 business days in delivery times once ordered.

AreaLead Time & Order Extension
Melbourne metro and regional Additional 1-4 Business Day(s)
Adelaide metro and regional Additional 5-9 Business Day(s)
Sydney metro and regional Additional 2-4 Business Day(s)
Perth metro and regional Additional 5-9 Business Day(s)
Brisbane metro and regional Additional 5-7 Business Day(s)
TAS & NT metro and regional Additional 5-9 Business Day(s)