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Juliene (Resume)

Juliene Odel

33 Modular Grove
Preston, VIC, Australia


Talented designer, manufacturer, and maker of Australia’s finest couches! All-round ‘good guy’


Everything Furniture (Melbourne) - Sales Assistant

  • (BAD) Sales assistant of expensive and overpriced couches
  • (BAD) Expensive and aggressive commission sales approaches
  • (BAD) Poor service from standard retail shops
Stress Leave from Retail World (Due to ripping customers off)
  • 6 failed relationships
  • Gained 118 kgs
  • Receding Hairline
Epiphany Moment
  • Discovered there is a better way to offer customers really good furniture!
  • Joined with manufacturers of ‘high-end’ products, to sell directly to the customer, and affordable and new-age approach which delivers the best product at the lowest possible price
  • Launched Banana Home ‘Peel Back the Price’
Epiphany Moment
  • Over 7,000+ Customized Sofas delivered (and counting)
  • Making life hell for Furniture Retailers, offering much better products, and even better prices
  • Providing a cure for the deadly virus known as ‘high-end furniture shopping’ 


1987 - Present

NaNa University,  - Ph. Appeeling Designs
From birth to present day,  growing and cultivating knowledge for what is best for you. A guarantee that your experience will be bar(nana) to none.
Member of the Order of Australia (AM) (2017) - In recognition of,  “giving the people what they need.”
3x Academy Award Winner (2019) - Because if Banana was a movie, it couldn’t get any better.
Nobel Prize Winner (2034) - Pre-emptive yet well deserved. A couch from Banana Home is one step closer to world peace.