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Liverpool Fabric Range!

Asoft, tight weave that holds strong durability for everyday usage. The Liverpool offers a wide spread of colour options, a modern approach and versatile profile to incorporate into your living room. 

Linen Fabric 

Comfortable and durable, Linen is made out of fine fibres woven into a soft sheet of fabric. Linen is known to be one of the strongest fabrics, with a natural colour tone and antiallergenic ability it becomes a no-brainer to choose a linen wrapped sofa. 

Natural Ecru

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Warm White

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Seoul Fabric Range!

Astrong tight fabric, premium range for fast and practical lifestyles. Our Soul range has become an essential fabric with its everyday elegance and high quality performance. The family-friendly, washable, spillage proof and versatile fabric make your life that little bit easier. 

Encore Fabric Range!

Wanting to make a positive sustainable environmental choice? Our Encore range has 40% of recycled polyester incorporated into the fabric. One meter of Encore uses the equivalent of four plastic bottles. Adding a modern style, diverse colour pallet and environmental conscious decision.  

Midnight Jade

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Renaissance Leather Range!

Brazil's know best, especially when it comes to top-grain leather. Our Renaissance range is soft, hand-polished leather that provides luxury to your home with a velvet touch on your finger prints.  

Paramount Leather Range! 

Pebbled Leather is top-grain, silky smooth bringing elegance to your home. Paramount provides a matte finish and contemporary aesthetic all whilst living a long life in your home as it lasts against scratches and spillage. 

Grey Rock

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Light Grey

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