Sofa in the Spotlight: The Baree Sofa Range

Baree | Large Boxy Leather 3.5 Seater Sofa Caramel

With rich, classic brown leather tones and butter-sofa texture, the Baree sofa Range has a timeless and uncompromising style. A classic brown leather sofa will heighten any room turning it into a sophisticated lounge synonymous with impeccable class.

The long-lasting, immensely durable leather material makes this sofa the perfect piece for any home as it creates a welcome spot to sit back and relax and let the stress of the day slip away.


Worth the investment!

When buying any leather furniture, it is always important to truly understand the type of leather that you are investing in.

At Banana Home, we pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with the best quality materials at the most affordable prices. We have spent over 30 years working with our manufacturers to ensure that the full-grain leather used on all our leather sofas is worth the investment!

Full-grain leathers are superior quality hides, ideal for premium furnishings. Soft yet hardy, full-grain leather is very durable and will age beautifully, developing its own unique personality with use.

Handstitched, cut, and tailored, our sofas are built to last. Rolled for nearly a day to achieve a warm, matte, finish. A time-intensive process gives the leather a buttery-soft feel. Over time and with wear, the hide will develop an exquisite vintage patina. Variations in colour and texture make each piece unique.

Our leathers are aniline-dyed for softness, beauty, and durability. The word aniline is an industry term for transparent dyes that are used to colour hides. This process penetrates the leather, dyeing it with non-toxic transparent dyes, which allows the leather’s natural markings to remain visible.

After aniline dyeing, the outside surface of the leather is coated with a pigmented resin, and then a subsequent clear coating for durability. These layers of pigment and wax are gently buffed to bring out subtle highlights and lowlights. Aniline leather is the absolute pinnacle of leather quality as it is the softest and most natural-looking leather possible.


The Baree Sofa Range

We know that not every home has the space for the large boxy leather 3-seater sofa. We found it fitting to introduce different sizes to our Baree sofa Range. Whether you are looking for an armchair for your apartment or a modular sofa for your living room, we can guarantee that there is the perfect piece to fit your space. The Baree sofa is available to order in the following configurations: 

  • Ottoman
  • Armchair
  • 3-seater sofa
  • 3.5 seater sofa
  • Modular sofa

Finding the perfect hue

We offer 4 unique leather colours with neutral tones, giving you the opportunity to style your space to suit retro, heritage, coastal and contemporary spaces alike. Add bold colours, and pillows and throw rugs or opt for a minimalist aesthetic with this versatile colour range.


So why leather?

It goes without saying that this beautiful leather sofa range speaks for itself, but we have a few points that may help cement your decision to invest in a piece from our Baree leather range…

Give you more bang for your buck

Excuse the analogy, but there is a reason every Aussie has a famous pair of leather boots in their closet (We won’t mention the brand for legal reasons), they practically last a lifetime… Much like a good pair of leather boots, a leather sofa will last a lifetime. Here is a fact drop for you, leather tends to be four times more durable than fabric, giving you a great return on investment.

Leather is Low Maintenance

Whilst leather is buttery soft yet hardy much like our skin, it does require some ‘lotion’ from time to time. We recommend applying a leather conditioner with a microfibre cloth, every 3-4 months. Conditioning your leather sofa will help keep the leather soft and prevent tearing by reducing friction. This protects the leather surface which further enhances the patina and deepens the leather colour.

We know there may come a time when the muddy puppy makes a beeline for the sofa, or the kids get carried away with a bit of slime or maybe mum just spilt a bit of wine, all will be okay. Using a damp microfibre cloth, gently wipe any dust, dirt, or spills away and allow the leather to dry.

It's Hypoallergenic

Leather sofas have always been the preferred fabric choice among those with allergies. The nature of a fabric sofa tends to become a breeding ground for dirt, dust, and pet fur if it is not frequently cleaned. A leather sofa will repel dust and dirt and it makes vacuuming pet fur very easy, helping you keep your sofa clean.

It keep you warm in the cooler months

It is a common belief that leather sofas will be too cold in winter. We tend to disagree, although initially, leather can feel cold to the touch if your home is not heated, a leather sofa will quickly adjust to your body temperature once you sit down. Leather is a porous and breathable material, much like our skin, it adapts to the temperature of its surroundings, meaning it will keep you consistently warm once you are sitting down.

Let's Wrap it Up

If you are looking for a leather sofa that has timeless and uncompromising style. Then this classic brown leather sofa will provide an element of sophistication to any room in your home. The long-lasting, immensely durable leather material makes this sofa the perfect piece for you.

For our lovely customers that are not sold on the idea of full grain leather, we would hate for you to miss out. We do have the option to customise our leather sofas in faux leather. If this option interests you, you can reach out to our friendly sales team which would be happy to assist you with our faux leather options.

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