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Banana Delivers to ALL LOCATIONS in Australia!

Our shipping options, like all of our products, are straightforward and affordable for all orders to any location within Australia. Depending on the size of your product, and your location in reference to our Australian Warehousing network, shipping fees will be personal. This works best, as opposed to a flat fee, as you can be sure you are only paying the bare minimum to have your goods delivered. We also delivery FREE to various locations in capital cities, shall your product be in stock, at the relevant location. Learn more about our range of shipping and delivery options, and choose the method that’s right for you.

Please Note: Bulky Items do not have Tracking Features.

B-Shipping (9AM-6PM)

B-Shipping is the most affordable shipping option for Banana Home Customers. Coming directly from our warehouse, your order will be handled and dispatched within 5 working days. Depending on where we are, we may be able to deliver to you on the day, or at another time that is convenient for you. Please note B-Shipping delivers to the front door, curbside, or foyer only.

B-Shipping White Glove (7AM-11PM)

B-Shipping White Glove is a great shipping option for Banana Home Customers who do not want it done right! Coming directly from our warehouse, your order will be handled and dispatched with urgency! We will arrive at a time convenient for you, even after work, to ensure your delivery works with you. Please note B-Shipping White Glove delivers into your living space!

Banana Express (7AM-11PM)

Banana Express is a great shipping option for Banana Home Customers who want it... now! Coming directly from our warehouse, your order will be handled and dispatched within 20 minutes! We will arrive within 4 hours! Even after work, to ensure your delivery works with you. Please note Banana Express delivers into your living space!

We take delivery as seriously as we take a good piece of furniture! We’ve organised our shipping to be affordable, fast, and communicative. Below you’ll find a breakdown of our shipping options.

Flat Rate Shipping

Shipping should be easy. That’s why all of our shipping options are flat-rate for Capital Cities in Australia. When it comes to regional & non Capital City deliveries, we like to make sure you are getting the best possible deal. Shoot us a message in the bottom right corner, and we will get back to you with an instant shipping rate to your home, anywhere in Australia!

Shipping Options
We offer basic, in-room, and in-room assembly shipping options on all furniture orders. You can select the level of service right for you at checkout.

Basic Shipping
Our basic, flat-rate shipping sends your Banana order to the front door of your building. This is best for ground-level homes with helping hands.

In-Room Shipping

In-room shipping sends your Banana order right to the room of your choice. This Is a great option if you live in an apartment, a walk-up, or just need some help moving a big piece of furniture.

In-Room Assembly Shipping

Get your order delivered to the room of your choice and fully assembled. This is great for second-floor (or higher) destinations, busy people, or those who hate putting together furniture. Please note that while our delivery team will always do their best to help, they do not remove packaging, just in case you decide to return or exchange your product. Our delivery team is also unable to install lighting or secure furniture to walls. These rates apply to our standard service area: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth.

Scheduling Your Delivery

Once your order is ready for delivery, our team will be in touch to let you know when you can expect it. For customers in metro and suburban centres, appointments are flexible and can be accommodated to suit your calendar within the operating hours of your local delivery team. When delivering to rural areas our team operates from Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM, and may have limited scheduling options.

Smaller items are often sent via courier. These deliveries are not scheduled in advance, but we will share tracking information so you know when to expect your order.

Shipping Beyond our Standard Service Area
Australia is a big place, and sometimes your area may a little bit our of our way. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team as to what you can expect to pay in shipping, please get in touch.

If you live outside our standard service area and need to orchestrate a delivery, we can arrange that without an issue. Please note, all deliveries outside our standard service area do not have order tracking features, and may take longer to reach your destination compared to a delivery in a standard service area. Please allow 7-18 Business Days from date of fulfilment, to receive your order from a non-standard service area, exclusive of any disruptions, and public holidays. 

Free Shipping

If you are in a capital city, or you manage to catch one of our super promo codes, you may qualify for free basic shipping.* Yeehaw! Once you’re at checkout, you’ll notice that the In-Room and Assembly options are also discounted in case you want to take advantage. Just our way of saying “thank you.”

*Please note that flat rate shipping, free shipping, and other discounts do not apply outside of Banana's standard delivery area.