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Are You a Minimalist or Maximalist?

Are You a Minimalist or Maximalist?

One of the biggest interior design trends of our time is keeping things bare with minimalism. We've seen more and more designers and homeowners going for a neater look to get rid of the knick-knacks and the clutter. But, we've seen many people reject that idea and instead create a larger-than-life maximalist design.

Both styles can be extraordinarily chic, but both are extraordinarily different. Minimalistic design values clean, uncluttered spaces that have sleek lines and lack an abundance of ornamentation or decorative items. On the other end of the spectrum, maximalism thrives on the full display of a tonne of colours, textures and decorative items.

All in all, which one do you distinguish as? Do you feel loose in a pared-delete or do you thrive in a room filled to the edge? On the off chance that you don't have the foggiest idea or you're some place in the center, that is alright! How about we see two rooms, a family room and room, to exhibit the key parts of moderate structure, maximalist plan, and a structure highlighting a blend of the two.

So, which one do you identify as? Do you feel relaxed in a pared-back space or do you flourish in a room filled to the brim? If you don't know or you're somewhere in the middle, that's okay! Let's look at two rooms, a living room and bedroom, to showcase the key aspects of minimalistic design, maximalist design, and a design featuring a mixture of the two.