How to Introduce Colour to Your Bedroom

How to Introduce Colour to Your Bedroom

When we think about calming, zen-like spaces, neutral decor is what usually springs to mind – especially in the bedroom. But did you know that bold shades can be just as soothing? Here's how to introduce a little colour (and a lot of personalities) to your sleep spot.


1. True colours

First things first: pick your colour. You'll be building your space around this shade, so make sure it's one that you really love. A good way to choose? Consider colour energies. Deep blue's known for its calming properties (so it's great for restless sleepers), while forest green will make your space feel refreshed and revived – that'll help with those early mornings. Want something even bolder? Then try bright yellow – it'll bring good vibes.


2. To the wall(s)

The most obvious way to introduce your chosen hue is by painting the walls. This will totally transform your space and bring out the tones of your existing furniture. Won't the landlord allow it? Don't worry. The next few tips are for you.


3. The main attraction

Your bed frame's the centrepiece of the room, so it's a great way to work in the colour you've selected. Cloud bed comes in nine different options, from white to bold denim colour. Our tip? If you really want to keep the focus on that bed frame (who wouldn't?), paint the walls a couple of shades lighter than the upholstery.


4. Pairing is caring

We recommend picking furniture from the same collection rather than mixing and matching single pieces to keep the colour scheme looking united. The coordinating wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table will take the stress out of refurbing your room.


5. All the small things

The last step: add tonal accessories like lamps, bedding and soft furnishings to create a harmonious overall look. The more shades you use within your palette, the more it'll all blend together.

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