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How to make more out of your rental space design

How to make more out of your rental space design

Although rentals are only temporary, you can always customize them to suit your taste for design. Read this blog to learn how to decorate your apartment to suit your theme. 

And though often they can get a bad name, rentals still deliver a lot of benefits. Renting is a fairly low-cost residential option that makes living in desirable areas easier without investing thousands of dollars on a mortgage.However, it gives people more versatility than they would otherwise have. For example, if a person had a sudden change in lifestyle that would allow them to move out quickly, they might get away with relative ease from their lease. But, one thing the rentals don't provide is the opportunity to customize their design entirely.

Since renting is just temporary and you don't own the property, there's only so much you can do to the room. This can be hard for those who love to redecorate often, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of great least-friendly updates that you can make to your rental property which will really take it to the next level. Once you are ready to move on to the next place, you will be able to remove these upgrades without damaging the property.

We have compiled a list of ways you can upgrade your rental space so you can make the most of it while you stay there. Continue on down!

Add some Rental-Friendly Wallpaper

Rental spaces are typically finished in a shade of gloomy tan-beige, which in no home looks fantastic. We consider using a peel-and-stick wallpaper to help liven up your walls without having to dig out your paint brushes.

This product is ideal for the fast adding of interest and texture to your home's main spaces. It's fairly inexpensive, easy to hang and comes in a number of different designs. The best part of this type of wallpaper is that it sits on top of the paint, so your walls won't be ruined.

Make changes to the hardware

Another way to make the most of your rental is to upgrade some of the hardware and fixtures, such as drawer and cabinet pulls, light switch covers, and curtain rods. However subtle they may be, these little fixes are a great way to build interest in a space. There are so many types to choose from, so that you can go really crazy. Nevertheless, make sure to store old hardware pieces where you can easily find them for later.


Update Your Light Fixtures

Sometimes, rentals have light fixtures that are either old, rusty or just plain awful. Many people feel resigned to their fate when it comes to these light fixtures, but they are actually very easy to remove if you have access to the circuit breaker panel of the house. When you have access to it, replacing your light fixtures will take less than 30 minutes!

Rentals often have light fixtures that are either old, outdated, or just plain terrible. Many people feel resigned to their fate when it comes to these light fixtures, but they are actually pretty easy to replace if you have access to the property's circuit breaker panel. If you do have access to it, replacing your light fixtures can take less than 30 minutes! You will be shocked by how much a new light fixture can change the mood and appearance of a room. 

Making these little adjustments will make a rental space really liven up and make it feel like it is yours. After all, you're spending a big part of your time there and you can do whatever you can to make sure it's right for you.

If you are considering these modifications, here are some tips to avoid paying fees upon moving out:


  • Read your lease carefully so that you know exactly what sorts of updates you can make
  • Get written permission from your landlord to make any permanent changes, like painting a wall.
  • Get your landlord's written permission to make permanent changes such as: painting a wall.
  • Ask for any paint colors before you move in.
  • Keep any original items you removed  in a safe place, and make a note of where you put them.
  • When hanging artwork and pictures, using only the nails and screws as a last resort.



We hope this post helps you on your rental customization journey.



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