How to Maximise the Comfort of Your Sofa Bed

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If you're aiming to be a host with the most, your sofa bed needs to give guests a good night's sleep. But because sofa beds are mostly kept in the sofa position, it's easy to forget the tips and tricks that'll guarantee your temporary housemates catch at least 40 winks. If you've got entertaining to do, here's how to make your sofa bed more comfortable.


Better bedding

There are a few bedding dos and don'ts, and they all apply just as much to sofa beds as they do to firmer fixtures. Make sure your duvet is appropriate for the season to keep guests comfy. And, if you use your sofa bed regularly, it's worth investing in a down or imitation down duvet – they're insulating but breathable, guaranteeing a better night's sleep. Choose a bed set that matches your room, but pay attention to the material – a linen bed set will be breathable and easy to clean, but a cotton bed set is softer to the touch. Pick the one that best suits you.


Plenty of pillows

Actual sleeping pillows should be your priority – go with memory foam if any of your guests have joint issues, feather or down for extra fluffiness, or a regular filled pillow if your sofa bed's used less frequently. If you're adding cushions to your sofa bed for style points, consider form as well as function. That way, guests can use them to get a better night's sleep.


Try a bedspread

Again, although bedspreads and throws are usually just decorative, when it comes to sofa beds, they can handily double up as a mattress topper at lights out. Bedspreads are great if you're leaving the bed made for longer periods of time, while throws work well on sofa beds that are usually kept in the upright position.


Pick a winner

Not all sofa beds are suitable for frequent use, so check yours and the description of any future buys to make a choice that best suits your needs. If you are switching its position often, choose one with an easy-to-use mechanism.

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